Our Collection of Military Figures

Dear friends, thank you very much for visiting our site.

          At first let us introduce ourselves. We are a family couple, Helen and Nick Mozak from the city of Belgorod, Russia.
          We must say it has been our hobby for years to collect and paint figures of soldiers of different times. Also we make small dioramas of  battles or fightings.

In the Polish Army Museum enclosed court. Warsaw  2009.

          Usually we use plastic miniatures of th scale: 1/72 and 1/16 produced by such companies as "Italeri", "Zvezda", "Mini-Art", "Orion" and others. Besides, for last several years we have been working with tin miniatures of the size of 54mm by  "EK-Castings" and other companies.

          Our favourite historical periods are the Roman Empire, the history of Poland of XVII-XVIII centuries and, of course, the Napoleonic period.

          When we have enough time and money we like to travel, especially over Europe. Now we have visited almost all European countries and everywhere we looked for new figures, books or pictures for our collection. We made a special section where we post photos taken in different museums we were lucky to visit. This is the MUSEUMS section.

          On this site we offer you some photos of our works. We hope you'll like them.

         Also we can say, here in Belgorod, Russia we have our own  company Programmist Russian Translations that has been in business since 1992. One of the main branches of our business is professional translation services (English/Russian) via e-mail. We work with customers from many countries all over the world.

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Towarzysz (Comrade) of the Winged Husaria

Winged HussarsCaptain

Poland. Colonel of the 15th Uhlan Regiment