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Russian Generals and Admirals of the Napoleonic Epoch


Passion Napoleon

A very interesting site made by a professional artist with a lot of excellent pictures of Napoleon, marshals, officers, uniforms, battles and others.  We would recommend you to visit this site.


Napoleonic Officers 1792 - 1815

Excellent site with a lot of information of Napoleonic generals and officers of the French army of 1792-1815, battles, maps, pictures, orders of battles and other interesting stuff.


The idea of creation this servis is connected with 180 anniversary of Cezar of French people's Napoleon I Bonaparte. Maybe, the autor of this servise hasn't got an ambition for creating the first Polish Napoleon portal, but he hopes that he gives cezar what is cezar's in the small part.
(The site is in Polish).

and here you can see the German and English versions of this site:



Years of the Sword - Wellington the Soldier

This WebSite is dedicated to the military career of Sir Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, the famous British commander throughout the Napoleonic Wars. It covers his entire service live from entering the 73.Regiment of Highlanders in 1787 until his returning to Great Britain with the end of the Occupation of France by the Allied Forces in 1818. You will find on this WebSite biographical details on the Duke, extensive materials concerning all his campaigns, related documents and maps, details on most of his subordinates, on some of his French enemies.


The Illustrated Evolution of Uniforms during the Napoleonic Era

This is the site from our friends John Stallaert and Nancy Wood (Canada). The brilliant site with a lot of pictures of uniforms and very useful information.


The Napoleonic Wars

This site has almost everything about the Napoleonic war, Information on all the mayor nations involved, Including generals,army, units, Leaders etc etc. And info on each of the campaigns.
The very interesting site with much of information and the excellent colour illustrations.

Modelarze z Gubina

This is a site of our good friend from Poland, Jerzy Urbanowicz. Here you will find a lot of photos of works of this very talented master. Among them there are photos of excellent dioramas, single figures and also his pictures and verses and even a gallery of his cats photos. It's true: if a man is talented, he is talented in everythig.
(The site is in Polish)