Officer of Fusiliers Chasseurs of the Middle Guard

The Imperial Guard (French: Garde Impériale) was originally a small group of elite soldiers of the French Army under the direct command of Napoleon I, but grew considerably over time. It acted as his bodyguard and tactical reserve, and he was careful of its use in battle. The Guard was divided into the staff, infantry, cavalry, and artillery regiments, as well as battalions of sappers and marines. Another division existed in distinguishing the experienced veterans from less experienced members of the Guard the group's division into the Old Guard, Middle Guard and Young Guard.

The 1st Fusiliers Chasseurs Regiment (Regiment de Fusilier-Chasseurs de la Garde Impériale) was created in 1807 as part of reorganization of the Fusiliers de la Garde from the first battalions of the Grenadiers and Chasseurs of Velites of the Guard.

France. Officer of Fusiliers Chasseurs of the Middle Guard, tin, size: 54mm


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