Spain. Grenadier of the "Princess" regiment

Spain. Grenadier of the  "Princess" regiment (this regiment was a part of Marquis de la Romana’s Division). 1807-1808.

Spain. Grenadier of the  "Princess" regiment, 1817-1808,  EK Castings, tin,  size: 54mm.


Spain was, at that time, an ally of France and the division, composed of 15,000 men under the command of the Marquis de la Romana, Pedro Caro y Sureda, was initially deployed, between 1807 and 1808, to perform garrison duties in Hamburg under Marshal Bernadotte. In March 1808, along with a Franco-Belgian unit of approximately the same size, the unit was deployed to Denmark.

While the Division was in Denmark, the Peninsular War broke out on 2 May 1808. Once Caro y Sureda learned of the changed situation, he made plans with the British to return the Division to Spain.
And in August, 1808 the Marquis contacted British and organized the transportation of the part of his Spanish troops back to their home country and after that they fought against Napoleon.

From the part of Spanish troops still stuck to Napoleon the regiment "Joseph-Napoleon" was formed. This regiment was a part of the Great Army and participated in the Russian campaign of 1812.


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