Captain (Rotamaster) of a Winged Hussar Banner.

Poish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, XVII c. 
Captain (Rotmistrz) of a Winged Hussar Banner

Captain (Rotmistrz) of a Winged Hussar Banner. , XVII c., EK-Castings, tin, size: 54mm.


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The captain - the company (banner)  commander has always been a wealthy nobleman, a large noble landowner.Many captains could support their company with their own financial resources.Some captains were the richest and most influential tycoons with a detachment of their own guard.

The captain, remaining the titular-administrative commander of the banner, entrusted the direct command of his company to the lieutenant (Porucznik). The lieutenant was chosen or appointed from among the "comrades" (Towarzysz).

The captain could not personally participate in horse attacks and, therefore, was dressed only in armor (chain mail). On the head, instead of a helmet, a ceremonial hat with a fan-shaped sultan of black feathers characteristic of that time. The obligatory hussar attribute - the skin of a leopard - is thrown over the left shoulder. In one hand there is a Polish saber, in the other - a rare and expensive Western European version of combining a wheeled pistol with the ranked weapon of the captain - a sixfold.